What can I expect?


Self Application Videos  with 3 kambo points:

Dry Method

See What to Expect with 1 Kambo point for basic details for treatment options.

Kambo is a spirit medicine that supports healing and accelerates your quest for wholeness, health and reconnecting to your soul purpose. The peptides cause numerous symptoms that act on your physical body while the spirit of the medicine works with your energy, spirit and soul to help you heal yourself. You still need to spend time integrating and processing, and implementing any intuitive messages you receive. This medicine will bring you back to your Truth.

Kambo can help chronic fatigue, HIV, allergies, asthma, auto-immune disorders, depression, cancer, anxiety, viral illness, bacterial infections, circulation issues, pain disorders, post-traumatic stress, addiction, eating disorders, depression, infertility, grief and spiritual dis-ease. 

Part 1    Self-treatment; 3 points kambo points

Intention to ease facial swelling and cold symptoms  


Beauty is in the frog face

Part 2  Dry Method  3 points

Part 3  Dry Method  3 points