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About Monica Watson "Sparking River"

Hi!  I am so glad you are here! Welcome! 

I am passionate about empowering people who are experiencing pain, trauma, anxiety and depression. eating disorders and family separation. Currently I own and operate the GAMA Pilates & Yoga Center in Alliston, Ontario, and offer retreat space at Sparking RIver Healing Sanctuary.

 My purpose is to help connect people to their soul fragments and return to the wholeness of their soul.

By choosing my as your Spirit and Medicine Guide, you also choose to work with a very experienced and well trained practitioner. 


 Kambo was the right medicine to clear my symptoms of Reynaulds Syndrome, PTSD Eating Disorders, Hypoglycemia. I have also used it to manage altitude sickness successfully. 

Reynaulds Syndrome is an auto-immune disorder that causes a reduction of circulation to extremities. In my case it was severe. My toes have been perfectly fine, even with snow melting in my boots when I became too adventurous up north.


I am certified in Kambo through The International Association of Sapo Practitioners, trained by Ananya Maitri under Peter Gorman, IASP.  Other teachers I have trained with are Darren Austin Hall, Hillary Faye, Kindlii McCollum, Sat Devbir Singh and Tracey Montanile.  

Please scroll down to see my qualifications. 

My services include:


Shamanic Ceremony

Sacred Rapeh Ceremony

Transformation Coaching

Tree Spirit Healing and Reiki

Natural Herbal Owl Spirit Remedies

Yoga (regular temp and HOT Yoga)

Neurolinguistic Programming

Sound Healing

BreathWork & Time Line Therapy

Intuitive Dance

Therapeutic Pilates

Hiit Pilates 

Thai Massage

Drum Circles

Meditation Coaching

Personal Training

Life Coaching

Online Classes

40 Day Post-Death Soul Release Ceremony


My personal journey to healing began with a decision;

I was NOT willing to live my life in pain!

Kambo is the medicine that finally landed my soul pieces back in my body and I am my soul is fully HOME.


For years I suffered with a fibromyalgia, depression, an eating disorder, Reynauld's Syndrome, and  Hypoglycemia and PTSD during a time in my life when my marriage ended and I became a single parent to an infant. I didn't know how to do the father archetype and was totally overwhelmed.


I had to learn how to disengage energetically from people who were feeding off my energy;  it seemed that all I had to do was think of someone else's illness and it would manifest in my body.


Then I faced  the long and arduous job of figuring out how to heal myself over and over again and ecoming a doula for mothers in labor was a leap into my soul's purpose. 

Now I help others rebirth their soul!

I wish for you the transformation that I have experienced!



For a long time I felt that I could ever be enough, do enough or work or suffer enough to be accepted. Teaching in the public school system crushed my spirit. I did not feel aligned with the teaching methods. Now I teach holistically and work intuitively, which is the way we learn and grow. 


**I want to share with you all I have learned about chronic pain disorders and rare diseases. I want to empower you to create a new relationship with pain and what pain is here to teach you.**


Monica Watson Sparking River



University of Toronto BEd   1993

 - OCT - Ontario College of Teachers 1993

 - P/J/I Qualifications

 - FSL 1 & 2

 - ESL 1

 - Special Education, Part 1

Teacher, French & Special Education,

Toronto District School Board 1993-2015

McMaster University Hons. BA  French Language and Literature 1992

-Canadian College of Homeopathy  (Diploma in progress)

Bullet point

- GAMA Pilates & Yoga Center, Founder and Owner 2016-Present


- Director of 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training,

Prenatal Certification at GAMAPYC     2016-Present

 - RYT-500 Registered Yoga Teacher  3 200 Hr Teacher Certifications

2001, 2014 and 2016


- Reiki Master;  Usui Reiki and Kundalini Reiki   2016-2020


- Mansion of the Heart University Grad    2020


- inferno Hot Pilates Instructor and Inferno Transformation Coach 2020


- Baptiste Institute : Baptiste Yoga Teacher Credential 2019


- Sound Resonance Therapy (Vibration Energy Healer) 2018

-  Doterra Wellness Associate 2018

- Breathing Coach, Breathwork Practitioner 2017

-  Rhythm2Recovery Teacher 2017

- Power Yoga Canada Yoga Teacher Certification 2016


- Trauma Sensitive Yoga Certificate, Healing Heroes Canada Affiliate 2016


 - Pilates Mat Certificate Diploma;  Body Harmonics   2016


 - Thai Massage - Master Practitioner and Trainer   2015


 - Doula (prenatal, post-partum) 1997

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