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Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning

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FEEL is a practice of learning that is unique and life changing. I have worked with different medicines and they have come forward for me to learn about and share. Each has a unique quality and comes to support healing at the precise moment people are ready for it, whether it be bodywork, reiki and soundhealing, breathwork, or plant, animal and mineral.


The horses are unique in their transfer of energetic information, all transmuting of energy and reflection is directly from heart to heart, and I trust the horses and their impeccable wisdom.


Colleen completed her work with the horses and I am excited for her as she continues in her path. She began her healing journey in 2022 at one of my drum circles and has since blossomed through different medicine experiences and a lot of personal inner work.


The Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning she participated in was so powerful, much of what happened in 6 weeks would have taken many years in conventional therapy. I am so grateful to have been a facilitator in her journey! The horses took her over the finish line. ❤️🐎🐎🐎

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FEEL is about partnering with horses as teachers. Horses have a unique ability to sense any dissonance in their heart field, which is much larger than a human's heart field because they are prey animals and have adapted to sense energy in a very large area all around them. They have an immense capacity for reflecting back to us our unconscious mind and those who have chosen to be teachers have learned a variety of activities to enlighten, challenge, and inspire the humans who come to see them for therapeutic or learning experiences.


Horses are incredibly perceptive and telepathic beings. A FEEL sessions is exceptionally helpful if you are experiencing:

- grief and loss

- a challenging life situation

- developing emotional regulation

-dealing with symptoms of PTSD and burnout

- stressful relationship interactions

- anxiety and pain

- eating disorders

-addictions or OCD

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Leadership skills: Come to work with a horse, and they will teach you about leadership and goal setting, communication and cooperative planning!

Whether  you want to learn how you show up in a group or in your relationships,

or you just want to spend time with horses, FEEL sessions will leave you with something new every time! 

I was called by Spirit to take the FEEL training during a sweat lodge in 2022 and have been incredibly blessed to work with people who worked through immense grief, ptsd, disconnection and resolution of familial relationships. The horses helped me work through parts of my own inner child that became very present while I was learning to approach, guide and work with horses in this new way and I am grateful for my teaching partners.


I  am proud to partner with the horses and Horse Spirit Connections to offer FEEL sessions for people serious about making a transformative change.

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