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Sound Healing, Reiki &
Breathwork Meditation

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Shamanic Sound Healing is the manner in which the vibrations of several instruments are used to lead your unconscious mind on a journey and harmonize your auric field as well as calm your nervous system and all your organs in your physical body. Your body's electromagnetic field, known as the biofield, has layers of density that have colour and sound. They move away from your body, from your present physicality and closest time line to your past history encoded in your field, farther away from your body, much like rings in a tree trunk.

The sessions I offer are "shamanic" as I am connecting, with permission, to your astral self in the quantum field and interact with any spirits or entities that show up as guides. These sessions can be done live or virtually.

I facilitate your journey with a guided meditation and progressive relaxation, channeling any information as I intuitively sense it is necessary to do so. Sometimes my animals join in and become part of the healing, other times they do not.


Every session is unique and people leave feeling very light. I recommend leaving the day free to rest after the sound ceremony for integration. It would be difficult going back to work or engage in online work for several hours. 

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Reiki literally means Life Force. I have been attuned to the Master Level in Usui and Kundalini Reiki as well as I received a special and unexpected attunement from my Spirit guides and the Forest. This basically means that I call in the energies of the Universal Consciousness and the elements to support any healing that can take place at the time of the sound ceremony for the Greatest Possible Healing in alignment with my participant's soul aspect. 

Experience and Training

My sound healing certification was led by Darren Austin Hall and I regularly engage in Source Singing, offering ceremony for the Earth and the Waters. My Reiki and Breathwork Certification was led by Hillary Faye. I have practiced meditation since training in the Silva Method when I was 16 years old and learned Distance Healing at that time. I am trained in Time Line Therapy and received an attunement to what I call the Gold Key Technique, which removes old "codes" and "programming" and replaces it with positive learning from the akashic record.

I hope to offer Sound Healing Courses in future, and have led Reiki Certifications in past.

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With Love: Sound Healing Ceremony

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