What can I expect?


Self Application Videos  with one kambo point:

Dry Method

It is normal and healthy to be nervous and uncertain about receiving kambo, this

is powerful medicine and I carry it with deep respect. I created these videos to help you see what the dry method is like, I fasted for at least 4 hours prior. 


The wet method of kambo involves a 12 hour fast and drinking 2 litres of water, which must be purged. I also offer a blended method for people with gastric-intestinal issues and purging must occur. The Kambo Spirit and your Higher Soul Self determine the method chosen for you. This is a release for the liver, pancreas and kidneys.


Three consecutive treatments are highly recommended for deep healing, either one treatment per day for three days or three treatments over two days. The first treatment opens your meridians and chakras, the second goes deeper into healing and the third completes, cleanses and purges out that which is in the way of you receiving your deepest healing for your intention. Being in a higher vibration allows Source, Kambo and your inner healer to do the healing work.

Another good option is three treatments within 28 days and if addiction or cancer or another severe illness is involved, there are options for daily treatments. Again, I ask the Spirit World what is called for to leave you with your best healing possible in this moment. 

My first Self-treatment Pt. 1

1 point Part 3

1 point Part 2

Part 4  Conditions kambo helps you heal

Part 5  What is frog face?