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What can Kambo do
for me?


Are you ready for your best healing possible? I am here to be of service to you! Whether you are looking for a private one on one session, a small group or community building healing retreat, I offer Kambo in a variety of settings to those seeking the amazing benefits of the Amazing Tree Frog!


Have you ever felt like you were alone and doubted your options to leave a job or relationship you can no longer tolerate?

Have you ever felt lost, confused and fearful with a sensation of floating? Are you exhausted from nightmares in your sleep that leave you staring at the ceiling and exhausted the next day?


Do you struggle with the shame of repetitive thoughts and behaviours that interfere with your enjoyment of life? Do you fear rejection because of your habitual self-harming patterns?

Is there a time you remember being happy and joyful, excited about life and all it brings?

Are you ready to feel release, whole, and focused again?


Kambo is a "vaccine of the forest," used as a full system reset. It causes a purging to  increase circulation and life force through the liver, pancreas and kidneys. Wherever kambo is required to go for your healing, it will effect the necessary changes to start your return you to health. 

One treatment cleanses the body. This is highly beneficial if you are experiencing an acute illness of cold/flu. Kambo is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-microbial.  


Three consecutive treatments are highly recommended for deep healing, either one treatment per day for three days or three treatments over two days. The first treatment opens your meridians and chakras, the second goes deeper into healing and the third completes, cleanses and purges out that which is in the way of you receiving your deepest healing for your intention. Being in a higher vibration allows your inner healer to do the healing work.

Another good option is three treatments within a reasonable timeframe.

  If addiction, cancer or another severe illness is involved, there are options for daily treatments.


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