What is Kambo?


Kambo is sacred medicine that is a defense secretion from the skin of the

Kambo Phyllo Medusa Bicolor Tree Frog. Did you know "SAPO" is another name for Frog? The frogs are not hurt when the secretion is collected, they are annoyed with grass. They are honoured as sacred and only asked for medicine once before released. This is ancient medicine, and a powerful gift for us if we respect it.

Kambo helps relieve *depression *ptsd *anxiety 

*auto-immune issues *cancer *addictions *diabetes *hypoglycemia *digestive issue *HIV *chronic pain

 *expels viral or bacterial illness and lingering

symptoms of illness.

The tribes of the Amazon have used kambo as a method to promote immunity and increase awareness,

health and stamina to survive in the jungle. It is a tool shamans use for expelling viral and bacterial illness and pain, trauma and resolving disease. Kambo is often served with Sananga and Nunu to open the space, ground and integrate the healing.

Kambo is administered through a burn on the skin. It causes a reaction that is like having a bad fever or a case of the flu that lasts about 15 minutes. Kambo components reboot cells and cause cells to return to normal. A Medicine Carrier who serves kambo connects to the Spirit of Kambo and the Higher Soul Self of the person requesting healing.

This is metaphysical energy medicine, and must be respected as such. There are peptides in the secretion that cause what I call the Kambo fever; temperature increases, heartrate and circulation increases sweating and intestinal movement. Kambo brings a deep meditation and a deep turning inward, as if you have a short bad flu. Purging happens; crying, burping, laughing, coughing, sneezing, vomiting, defecating, shaking. Sometimes people stay in a meditation, purging when NuNu is received. Many times people focus on sitting in the sensation. There are never two sessions that are the same and every person is different because

everyone has needs that are unique to them. 


Kambo helps your body remember how to function again. It can release deep trauma and shift the body into homeostasis, allowing the cells of the brain to work as they should, especially helpful with addiction and pain. There are some contraindications, but most people can receive this safely, I personally received 31 points over 10 days during initiation. I was terrified of kambo the very first time, I thought I might die - but I received healing instead! Unfortunately the internet is full of people selling kambo sticks that aren't real kambo and people have become ill or died using it in the wrong way or combining it with other medicines at the wrong time.

You can find more about the frog medicine from Peter Gormans's book "Sapo in my Soul" and his documentary, "More Joy, Less Pain." 

My first Self-treatment Pt. 1

I have worked with Kambo to overcome the Reynaulds Syndrome I have suffered with since I was 12 years old and it seems to be working. An auto-immune specialist at Toronto Western Hospital years ago told me to whip my hands in the air around and around in circles and to avoid coffee and that was all the help I ever got. I waited 8 months for that advice.         I did  not  go back.

Reynaulds Syndrome is an auto-immune disorder that causes a reduction of circulation to extremities. In my case it was severe. During the training, we worked with the subtle energies and the energy body on mental, physical and spiritual planes.  Today, even after an hour without gloves, my hands are the best they have looked in the cold in a very long, long time. The pictures without circulation have been my norm when I get cold. My toes have been perfectly fine, even with snow melting in my boots when I became too adventurous up north.

I self-treat to manage recurrences as necessary but it is vastly improved. Happy hands and feet is why I am grateful for the Kambo medicine.  

Metta, With Loving Kindness,

Monica Watson Sparking River

See my frog face and hands before/after kambo

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